LAUNCHED – 25km2 3D Model of London


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HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: 25km² 3D Model of London Subscription is LIVE & will save our clients £1000s.

If you are currently spending more than £1000 per month on 3D Models of London then a subscription to 25km2 London 3D Model from Joanna James this is for you!

High Detail 3D Model of London

25km² High Detail 3D Model of London is captured from the latest 2016 High-Res imagery. The 3D Model will be continuously updated & upgraded and will be enlarged to cover 40km² throughout 2018. The dataset is available as AutoCad, SketchUp or .FBX files. For state-of the-art presentations and simulations, this 3D Model of London is also supplied imported into Unreal Engine 4.

Our High Detail 3D Model of London now includes Future City Skyline layer.

£1000 + VAT / month / 36 months subscription. Find out more >

“How much do you spend on 3D Models per month?”

We’ve kept things simple simple. The subscription service works very similar to Spotify vs iTunes.

Music customers now benefit hugely from subscribing to music subscription services & can listen to an unlimited number of songs each month for one clear price. Whereas before this, customers had to buy each and every song or album at a significantly greater expense each month.

This London 3D Model subscription service does exactly the same as a music subscription service and represents a real step change for architects, planners and civil engineers who have one eye on quality & the other on expenditure.

FREE expansion from 25km² to 40km² early 2018.

Subscribe to High Detail 3D Model now to get the 25km² to 40km² upgrade absolutely free. See below for details of the intended expansion:

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