CCTV Drainage Surveys identify issues in early stages.  Recurring blockages, surface flooding, or even subsidence are some of the incidents that are preventable.


This service centres itself on the smooth running of drainage and pipe networks. CCTV Drainage Surveys use modern, sophisticated equipment to reveal information and visual feedback on voids beneath our feet.

CCTV Drainage Surveys offer a non-invasive and cost-effective way of inspecting your drainage network.

Working with our cutting-edge Vivax vCam-6 push rod system and mainline pan and tilt crawler systems. Our team of experienced, specialist Surveyors are able to undertake a comprehensive CCTV condition survey.  A broad range of pipe diameters, including culverts, up to a diameter of 1.8m can be surveyed.

CCTV condition surveys are delivered with a professional report. They can be accompanied by an AutoCAD drawing file provided by yourselves or supplied by us upon request. Our detailed findings provide you with extensive and reliable information. This includes condition of the drainage system, indicating the location of any defects that are uncovered.

It is inevitable that small blockages are encountered during our CCTV investigation.

We have the ability to clear small, localised blockages with our van based jetting equipment. This process enables our Surveyors to fulfil a complete survey and provides our customer with a free-flowing drainage network.

For larger and more problematic areas of debris, blockages and silt, we can provide Jet-vac recycler and combination tanker units. This flexibility enables us to cater for a wide range of pipe diameters and levels of silt. As a responsible company, you can be assured that the resulting waste is disposed of in the correct manner.

One of the benefits of commissioning Joanna James is the range of disciplines & services that can be integrated.

The repairs team work directly with CCTV Surveyors. They are able to advise on appropriate repairs to defects identified during the CCTV Drainage Survey.

Inclusive of our comprehensive CCTV condition reports are our repair recommendations. These can easily be followed up and actioned. Being able to undertake all types of lining and remedial works in house, enables the provision of a seamless and hassle free service for all your drainage requirements.


For survey quotes, please contact with an outline of your requirements.

Tel: 01242 300108.