The Tulip in 3D London Future Skyline Layer

The Tulip by Foster + Partners is the latest addition to Future Skyline Layer of London 3D Model from Joanna James. Information on all major consented developments in Central London is continually collected and added. To 3D Model of London subscribers the Future Skyline Layer is delivered as part of the service. Where available we make this data available to customers who purchase Level 3 models as well.


A recent addition to Future Skyline layer is The Tulip. In April 2019, the City of London Corporation approved the Foster + Partners-designed 305m tall Tulip tower proposed for 20 Bury Street. The CLC Planning and Transportation Committee had supported the plan by 18 votes to 7 after additional conditions were imposed. However its future remains uncertain.


These renders represent a best prediction on how London will look like in 2028, based on granted planning applications. As with the rest of the 3D Model of London, the Future Skyline Layer is constantly updated and upgraded to include latest additions and any major changes.

All of these renders are screenshots from Unreal Engine 4 app but the entire dataset is available to subscribers as AutoCad, SKP or FBX files as well.

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