Joanna James – 3D Model Prices Level 2 & 3

Custom “cookie cut” to perfectly match your site boundary anywhere in UK or benefit from less expensive pre-built London Models.

Level 2 - UK

  • Min Order 0.25km2
  • £250 / 0.1km2
  • Anywhere UK
  • 5 Day Turnaround
  • 50cm Accuracy

Level 3 - UK

  • Min Order 0.1km2
  • £500 / 0.1km2
  • Anywhere UK
  • 5 Day Turnaround
  • 15cm Accuracy

3D Model Prices – Other Options.

We also offer fantastic pricing for our London 3D Model Subscription service & a really great inexpensive Ordnance Survey basic 3D Massing model.

London Subscription

Save £1000s per year from subscribing to our London Model.

High Detail

  • £1000+vat / pcm for 36months
  • 40km2 Central London.
  • 3 year company-wide multiple use licence

OS 3D Model

Every order includes 3D Model, OS MasterMap & OS Terrain 5 Height Data. Bargain!

OS 3D Massing Model

  • 250×250 =£200+vat
  • 500×500 =£3500+vat
  • 1000x1000m =£500+vat
40kmsq London subscription 3D Model

40km2 Central London

Because we’ve already 3D Modelled 40km2 of Central London that is why it’s less expensive!

Check this coverage map to see where your site covers.