CGI Site Plans are a great way to show your development in one image. Also known as 3D site plan, or aerial cgi, these images are created by modelling the entire development in 3D, something we may have done for you already if you’ve ordered exterior CGI’s from us.

Once we have a 3D model of the entire development, we can create really eye-catching CGI’s, from an aerial perspective. If we take the viewing angle up high enough,  you can even use these as a much more interest site plan in your brochure. The two most common viewing angles are 3-quater view, or a top-down view. Joanna James can advise which angle is best for your particular development.

Top-down views are becoming very popular as they’re a familiar format to have in a brochure and to show off property developments. They have much more appeal, depth and interest than a flat 2D coloured site plan. This is because they have so much more detail, and they also have 3D shading, depth, and shadows, making them feel so real, you could reach into the brochure and almost touch them.

If you have aerial photography of the development, we can even drop these 3D site plans into your aerial photography, to show the surrounding context. This is very useful for planning, or where new developments are situated within local landmarks or recognisable areas; geographically locating them instantly in the mind of potential purchasers.