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Joanna James. Geo Spatial Data.

Joanna James Maps & GeoSpatial Data Products & Services.

Ordnance Survey Maps. 3D Models. Architect Visualisations. Aerial Imagery. Height Data.

UAV Drone Survey & Inspection. Utility Reports. BGS Data. 

Best-of-breed mapping & data suppliers. All in one place.

Ordnance Survey Mastermap from Joanna James

Ordnance Survey MasterMap

Other OS maps & data from Joanna James

Other OS Mapping

Aerial Imagery from Joanna James

Aerial Imagery

Height Data from Joanna James

Height Data

3D digital data from Joanna James

3D Digital Models

Underground Utility Reports from Joanna James

Underground Utility Reports

Geology Maps & Data from Joanna James

Geology Maps & Data

Environmental Reports from Joanna James

Environmental Reports

OS Mapping & Data for Business Professionals from the Joanna James Map Portal

Joanna James Map Portal

Get the Ordnance Survey Mapping, Aerial Imagery & Height Data you need. 24/7.


3D Digital Models

Get highly detailed & accurate 3D Models of the existing built environment.

Ordnance Survey planning application maps. Perfect for the planning portal

Planning Application Maps

Ordnance Survey Site Location Plans.

1:1250 Scale or DWG CAD Files.


UAV Drone Survey & Inspection

Services include Aerial Photos, Orthomosaic, 3D Models, Height Data, Mapping, Thermal Imaging, NDVI & Structural Inspections etc

UAV Drone Survey & Inspection services from Joanna James
planning application map from joanna james

Planning Maps.

  • Scales 1:1250, 1:500, 1:2500

  • PDF Emailed

  • North Arrow

  • 2x Named Roads

  • Scale Bar

  • …or for Pro’s DWG for AutoCAD


Who Uses Us?

If it’s Ordnance Survey Maps & Data you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place.

Architects use Maps & Data from Joanna James


Civil Engineers use Maps & Data from Joanna James

Civil Engineers

Planners use Maps & Data from Joanna James


Ordnance Survey Planning Application Maps for your project.

General Public

Welcome to your new Map Portal.

Users can search, locate, mark out sites, order & download a wide range of maps & data. Including Ordnance Survey MasterMap, Aerial Imagery, British Geological Survey data, Height & LiDAR & 3D models of the built environment.


Free to Join.

The online Joanna James Map Portal is free to sign-up, doesn’t require any software downloads or installations, use any web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox Safari) via Apple Mac or PC & works anywhere in the world 24/7.


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