“Which 3D Model?”

3 Levels of Detail.
Which one suits your project?

Level OS 3D Model
Level 1 – Low Detail – Ordnance Survey Massing Model
We call it the “shoebox” – but what it lacks in accuracy it more than makes up for helping people who want something quick and easy at site assessment and pre-application stage. Simple & therefore inexpensive Level 1 3D models are made from Ordnance Survey Mastermap. Building footprint polygons are extruded to average building height creating a cubed mass. OS MasterMap + OS Terrain 5 included with every purchase.Learn more >
Level 2 3D Model
Level 2 – Medium Detail
Excellent for larger sites where detail high detail isn’t required. Level 2 models are less expensive and less detailed/accurate than Level 3 models. They use the latest captured High-Res imagery & are accurate to 50cm xyz. Consequently the 3D Model is very light and low poly. Buildings are captured with correct roof shapes of main structures but detail is less – check the roof tops on the image above compared with Level 3!Learn more >
Level 3
Level 3 – High Detail – Most Popular & Most Accurate Model
The best there is for showing the relationship between proposal & context to both planners & clients alike. Level 3 high detail 3D Models are accurate to 15cm. Buildings are captured with correct roof shapes and all features such as chimneys, parapet walls or dormer windows. Easily our most popular 3D Model.Learn more >