Joanna James was commissioned to produce 13x CGIs and 1x VR360 for a new build housing development in Nottinghamshire.

The site encompasses multiple homes with 4x house types. The client wanted impactful, clear and high quality renders for the purpose of marketing material for potential property purchasers to buy “off-plan”.

PRICE – £2,850+vat

Remit 13x CGIs and 1x VR360

  • 4x Front property views
  • 4x Rear property views
  • 3x Street scenes
  • 2x Site overviews
  • 1x VR360

Single CGI views from Joanna James cost a very competitive £350+vat for similar type properties.

Quickly do the maths for this project of 13x CGIs + 1x VR360 = £4,900+vat.

We charged just £2,850+vat which is the equivalent to £203+vat per CGI view.



The client provided site plans, elevations & property drawings as well as a comprehensive material schedule of normal expected items such as brick types & colours etc. Plus they kindly included links to specific types of fixtures such as lighting. This really helped us gain perspective of the proposal. The more info the better we always say!

It was a joy to undertake the project as the client valued our input to judge best angles for views etc utilising our experience in other similar schemes. Through collaborative consultation we were able to agree on the outputs and desired number of CGIs and viewing angles.

Within 5 days a first draft of one house type was provided to check we were on the right lines. The client was delighted and very few amendments were made. From here we were given the green light to press ahead with the remaining deliverables.

Delivered in 20 days including iterations allowed the client to quickly market the new homes through their preferred Estate Agent & Rightmove etc.



We created a VR360 to provide a sense of perspective and context to potential purchasers. This also well gave an an edge over rival property developers. It can be very hard for people to understand where their new home will sit in relation to the rest of the scheme. A VR360 really takes things to the next level and allows the viewer to immerse themselves into the future. Not everybody can understand traditional 2D plans!


Exterior CGI Visualisation from Joanna James


Visualise to realise by transforming external architectural design concepts into photo-realistic visualisations that will generate interest, excitement & confidence in your scheme. Helping to bring projects to life.

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Interior CGI Visualisation from Joanna James


Incredibly beautiful internal CGI Visualisations that scream quality! Materials are accurately represented, looking exactly as they would in reality with regards to scale, colour, texture, translucency and reflectance.

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Photomontage from Joanna James


Proposed development plans  set against the backdrop of a real photograph. Developers in the commercial, residential & leisure sectors use Joanna James Photomontages to support planning applications & illustrate design ideas.

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