Video fly-throughs of Architectural 3D Model renders looking soooo good! We’ve used London as a easy reference example to demonstrate the possibilities.

3D Model Flythrough

Quick flythrough of the 40 km2 3D Model of London.

Rendered in Unreal Engine but also available in traditional Sketchup & DWG versions.

The London 3D Model is perfect for those who focus mainly on London projects, but bespoke build 3D Models can be ordered for any UK site.

London in 2025 – Yes, Really!

3D Model of London with Future Skyline Layer. Joanna James 3D Model of London subscribers get this for for FREE!

See into the future to visualise and design proposals, knowing what major developments are currently consented or under construction.

Panning Over London in 3D

Architects use 3D Models of the built environments to get ahead of the competition.

The time & money saved from commissioning a 3D Model of the existing built environment means Architects have one less thing to think about but also gives a real boost to projects.

3D London – Pedestrian View

The London subscription 3D Model from Joanna-James.com comes with FREE upgrade to Unreal Engine format.

This allows the user gain unique view right accross the city of London from any angle or elevation.

Compelling for any architecture & design practice & seriously boosts planning application success.

3D Models – More Info.

Caught your eye? Get all the info you need below about digital 3D Models for architects & planners of the built environment.