…the before & after

Proposed development plans set against the backdrop of a real photograph for interior or exterior projects.

2D architectural proposal drawings transformed into a 3D render & seamlessly superimposed onto a photograph of the current environment.

Developers in the commercial, residential & leisure sectors use Joanna James Photomontage to support planning applications & illustrate design ideas.


Typical project price example:

  • First view at c. £500+vat
  • Each additional view required at £250+vat

Prices are based on size & complexity of project. ie – A large industrial project or housing development proposal will cost more than a single dwelling.



Interior photomontages are powerful tool that allow designers and clients to visualize and explore potential interior design concepts. By combining realistic photographs of existing spaces with proposed design elements, photomontages create a compelling and immersive representation of how a room or space will look after renovation or redecoration.


The exterior photomontage is perfect for projects wanting the most realistic look and feel to their project. It allows for the proposed scheme to be seamlessly superimposed upon the backdrop of a photograph of the existing environment and context. Particularly useful for planning permission application and especially in high density areas such as towns, cities, industrial and commercial backdrops.


2x photomontages to show impact of proposal on the existing built environment and immediate environs. Client provided both eye level and aerial drone capture photography as well as proposal 2D DWGs and material schedule.

  • 2x Photomontages
  • Turnaround 5 working days
  • £795+vat total


For a photomontage commission simply provide us with your 2D design ideas be it in PDF or CAD form (DWGs), a material schedule, the photography of the views you require and lets start a discussion as to the scope of your project. Often it can be a planning application necessity sometimes it can be to help client’s understand your vision. To us listening & understanding the needs of your project is crucial. That’s why we try to make things clear & simple.


Commissioning Joanna James to produce Photomontage visuals is an excellent way to make your company stand out. Photomontage visuals are ideal for planning applications, concept presentations, sales and marketing.

For a quotation, or to discuss ways of animating & modelling your design concept, please contact with an outline of your requirements on 01242 300108 or


Exterior CGI Visualisation from Joanna James


Visualise to realise by transforming external architectural design concepts into photo-realistic visualisations that will generate interest, excitement & confidence in your scheme. Helping to bring projects to life.

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Interior CGI Visualisation from Joanna James


Incredibly beautiful internal CGI Visualisations that scream quality! Materials are accurately represented, looking exactly as they would in reality with regards to scale, colour, texture, translucency and reflectance.

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Animation from Joanna James


Video flythroughs & Animations take the viewer on an incredible journey into the future. Using a predetermined flightpath you can choose to focus on key areas & viewpoints of a project to really highlight what matters.

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