With 3D animation, you can present the details of your projects to your clients in a comprehensive manner. This would give them a more clear idea about how the structure would actually look like in the post-construction phase. Your client will be able to get a realistic feel of your property in terms of its various parameters including its floor-tiles and textures, lighting, walls, roofing, and fitting. Addition of artificial or natural lighting would add an enhancing appeal to your 3D property walkthrough.


An architectural visualisation provides fully CGI rendered video tour or walkthrough to truly bring to life 2D plans.


Every project is different, as such pricing varies considerably depending on the desired outcomes. However, as always at Joanna James we like to at least offer you a published guide price to at least have some indication.

  • Animation only – £80-150+vat per second minimum 15 seconds.
  • Animation + jpeg CGI stills – approx £75+vat per second min 10 secs plus cost of CGIs (£350-700+vat per view)


The process of creation of Architectural Animation means we have to produce highly realistic, fully rendered 3D models, the same as what we do when creating static JPEG CGI visualisations.

Therefore, clients often ask us to provide both Animation & Static CGI views or just Animation only.

Animations are delivered as .MP4 files and CGI visuals as high-res jpegs.


First we quote against your scheme, interior or exterior or a combination of both. To do that please provide us with as much info as you have: 2D drawings, mood boards and material schedules.

From instruction we will provide a clear timeframe as to when 1st draft will be available.

Once delivered we’re happy to undergo free iterations to get to the point of your complete satisfaction. We have to be reasonable here – so if for example the scheme completely changes then we will need to re-asses. However the majority of iterations post 1st draft such as colours, materials additional street furniture, people, cars etc we can absolutely include free of charge.


The size of project really affects our speed of turnaround.

As a guide, typically we have a 1 week lead-in time for commencement and then 5-10 days to first draft.

If you have a pressing deadline though – do get in touch, we might be able to accomodate. Always worth making contact.


Please lick the linked box below to send us an email quote request.

Attach as much as you can about the project from 2D drawings, plans and elevation. Material schedules & mood boards are a big help, but no problem if you don’t have.

We can work with PDFs and DWGs etc – just make contact and we will take it from there.


Whatever the project, inside or out we can output a deliverable that brings to life your ideas.

Often client’s like to do a video tour from outside to inside, really allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the project.



Level 4 models are based on Level 3 High Detail 15cm accuracy 3D Models and upgraded using a combination of custom high-res photographs and terrestrial photogrammetry. All features are 3D Modelled, separated, materials are associated with geometry and where needed, the 3D models are textured. 3D Models, elevations and features are accurate to 15 cm in all axis and available to be used in architectural software.

PRICE: Every project is priced individually

DELIVERABLE: Digital 3D Model + Video


Commissioning Joanna James to produce CGI Architectural Animation.

For a quotation, or to discuss ways of animating & modelling your design concept, please contact with an outline of your requirements on 01242 300108 or


    Exterior CGI Visualisation from Joanna James


    Visualise to realise by transforming external architectural design concepts into photo-realistic visualisations that will generate interest, excitement & confidence in your scheme. Helping to bring projects to life.

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    Interior CGI Visualisation from Joanna James


    Incredibly beautiful internal CGI Visualisations that scream quality! Materials are accurately represented, looking exactly as they would in reality with regards to scale, colour, texture, translucency and reflectance.

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    Photomontage from Joanna James


    Proposed development plans  set against the backdrop of a real photograph. Developers in the commercial, residential & leisure sectors use Joanna James Photomontages to support planning applications & illustrate design ideas.

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