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Underground Utility Reports from Joanna James.

Understand underground utilities below the surface, anywhere in the UK. Underground Utility Reports collate maps & plans of Gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires, mains water supplies, sewers & fibre-optic cables.

Underground Utility Search Report from Joanna James Map Portal.

Prices from £300+vat. Includes Disbursements.

Joanna James PAS 128 Desktop Underground Utility Reports.  Get the underground utilities knowledge you need for a safer dig.


£POA+ vat
  • Includes ALL Disbursements
  • PDF Report
  • Greater than 100x100m
  • 10 Day Turnaround (site size dependant)


£300-600+ vat
  • Includes ALL Disbursements
  • PDF Report
  • Up to 100m x 100m
  • 10 Days Turnaround (often quicker)

CAD Uplift

££80(prices from)
  • + OS MasterMap cost (if not provided)
  • CAD file uplifted to OS MasterMap
  • Any size
  • Turnaround dependant on no. utilities present

NB. Prices quoted includes ALL of charges made by individual utility companies known as disbursements.

For accurate prices, request a quote from Joanna James

Email details of your site & requirements, include a site plan if possible.


Underground Utility Report: What do you get?

Joanna James PAS 128 compliant, desktop underground utility search reports. On budget & on time.

We provide a cost effective service for anyone needing to locate buried utilities such as electricity cables, gas pipes, water mains, sewers etc. This may be necessary at the acquisition, feasibility, design or construction phase of a project & adds a layer of safety to a project.

10 Days

Joanna James collate information from all the relevant utility companies on your behalf and compile a PDF pack of information and plans for each site.

Case Study:

Joanna James undertook a Underground Utility Report search for a client with a site 100x100m in Scotland needing only Gas, Water, Sewer & Electricity Records.

By removing the non required Cable & Independent Utility searches the client saved £260+vat

The Underground Utilty Report was delivered in 8 working days.

Total cost including disbursements £310+vat.


What are Disbursements?

Disbursement are the charge made by utility companies for providing plans. This is either free or up to £150. There isnt a definitive disbursement pricing – costs are a subjective decision made by the utility company.

Utility companies charge disbursements to cover costs depending on search infrastructure. Some perform manual searches meaning costs are high. Others have web based search platforms that offer searches for smaller charges or even free.

Features & benefits.

The presence of utilities can have a significant effect on how a new development is planned.

At construction stage, it is essential that the location of utilities is known to enable work to be carried out safely and efficiently.

BT underground assets map included within the Joanna James Underground Utility Report.
Severn Trent water main record included within the Joanna James Underground Utility Report.

Perfect for

  • PAS 128 compliance

  • Pre-construction knowledge

  • Site planning

  • Speedy results

  • Health & Safety

Get a Quote for Underground Utility Report.

Joanna James same day quotes for Underground Utility Reports. Simply fill in the form. Add as much detail about the site as you can and send a site plan if possible.

Product info

Report: PDF format.

Collection of detailed responses from each individual utility provider report of

CAD uplift / PDF overview map is available:

Data collated in either a CAD friendly format or a singular PDF.

There is little consistency to the data we receive back from the individual Utility companies. Therefore if you require the utility data all in one place, rather than trawling through multiple PDFs we do offer an overview service.

  • Compliance – our reports are carried out in accordance with PAS 128, survey level D
  • Efficiency – extensive searches undertaken for no extra cost as standard
  • Comprehensive – we contact up to 45 utilities per site including the main electric, gas, water and telecoms
  • Timely – delivery of reports to suit your time scale: turnaround times from standard 20 working days to 5 days
  • Health & Safety – a utility report helps to meet obligations under HSG047 and avoid utility strikes on site
  • Clarity – we collate all of the responses into a report clearly outlining which utilities are affected

Coming soon.

Get in touch for samples in the meantime info@joanna-james.com

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