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Joanna James are proud partners of Ordnance Survey. Delivering you the most up to date digital geospatial data instantly.

We pride ourselves on offering great value, transparent pricing as well as always being on hand to assist with enquiries.

Ordnance Survey Mastermap & planning application maps. Perfect for the planning portal

Features & Benefits

For accuracy, choose Ordnance Survey MasterMap.

The most detailed, current & comprehensive map dataset of Great Britain, it enables you to take better decisions & manage your assets more effectively.

It is an approved mapping source for planning applications and land registration.

Ordnance Survey Mastermap & planning application maps. Perfect for the planning portal

Map Portal

Ordnance Survey MasterMap can be ordered from the Joanna James Map Portal 24/7.

Create a free account then simply locate, choose a product, mark out, order & download.

Price for OS MasterMap DWG (100x100m) from £14.50+vat.


Ordnance Survey MasterMap Prices.

Are you paying your current supplier too much? Joanna James Map Portal prices for Ordnance Survey MasterMap represent brilliant value for money.

OS MasterMap CAD (DWG)

  • 100x100m = £14.50+vat
  • 200×200 = £36.79+vat
  • 500x500m = £192.82+vat

OS MasterMap PDF

  • 1:500 A4 (80x80m) = £11.33+vat
  • 1:1250 A4 (200x200m) = £15.51+vat
  • 1:2500 A4 (400x400m) = £53.67+vat

Perfect for

  • Planning applications

  • Site location plans

  • Valuation reports

  • Site evaluation

  • Transporting & routing

  • Site searching

Ordnance Survey MasterMap & Data for Business Professionals from the Joanna James Map Portal

Ordnance Survey MasterMap info

Ordnance Survey MasterMap large scale mapping is suitable for analysis at 1:1,250 to 1:2,500 scales and for display and printing at scales in the range of 1:10,000 to 1:500.

Purchasable as a user defined area and deliverable in a range of GIS and CAD formats Ordnance Survey MasterMap meets the needs of project and site specific users in a variety of sectors, from architecture, engineering to environmental consultancy, planning, site development and asset management.

Print ready (raster):

  • PDF

  • TIFF

Data export (vector):

  • DXF

  • DWG

  • GML

Map scales

Data Export

  • DXF, DWG, and GML formats at scale 1:1

  • CAD and GIS formats


  • Set the scale before you download to a common scale such as 1:500, 1:1,250 or 1:2,500

They’re on there way.

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