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Users can search, locate, mark out sites, order & download a wide range of maps & data. Including Ordnance Survey MasterMap, Aerial Photos,  Height & LiDAR Data, Geology & Environmental Maps.


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Ordnance Survey Data

Ordnance Survey MasterMap Prices.

Are you paying your current supplier too much? Joanna James Map Portal prices for Ordnance Survey MasterMap represent brilliant value for money.

OS MasterMap CAD (DWG)

  • 100x100m = £14.50+vat
  • 200×200 = £36.79+vat
  • 500x500m = £192.82+vat

OS MasterMap PDF

  • 1:500 A4 (80x80m) = £11.33+vat
  • 1:1250 A4 (200x200m) = £15.51+vat
  • 1:2500 A4 (400x400m) = £53.67+vat

Products. We’ve got the lot.

Enhance any project with quality mapping & data from the best suppliers.

Ordnance Survey Mastermap from Joanna James

Ordnance Survey MasterMap

Other OS maps & data from Joanna James

Other OS Mapping

Aerial Imagery from Joanna James

Aerial Imagery

Height Data from Joanna James

Height Data

3D digital data from Joanna James

3D Digital Models

Underground Utility Reports from Joanna James

Underground Utility Reports

Geology Maps & Data from Joanna James

Geology Maps & Data

Environmental Reports from Joanna James

Environmental Reports

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  • Order Map / Data.

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  • Right click your downloaded file.

  • Click “Extract” to unzip file.

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all downloads come as zipped folders from joanna james map portal