Joanna James UAV Drone Survey & Inspection Services

UAV Drone Data Surveys & Inspections from Joanna James.

We are GeoSpatial Data experts. Providing accurate & meaningful UAV Drone surveys throughout the UK is our specialism.

Services include Aerial Mapping, 3D Models, Height Data, Point Cloud, Thermal Imaging, NDVI & Structural Inspections etc.

Partnering with Geo-4D; drone flight & data experts adds an unrivalled level of geomatics professionalism.

Joanna James UAV Drone Data Deliverbles.

What data can you get from a drone? Flying is the easy part. Turning UAV Drone Data into meaningful information is what we do best.

3D Models from UAV Drone Data Surveys & Inspections.

Click through the tabs of these interactive 3D models created from UAV Drone surveys. Outputs can be delivered in various formats to suit your software.

Press “Play” & click around this interactive model we created from a UAV Drone scan. Begin to understand the art of the possible.

Site Restoration Project
by Geo-4D
on Sketchfab

3D deliverable generated during a multispectral survey. This data can be used in conjunction with the Vegetation Index maps to analyse crops.

RAU: Field Survey 2
by Geo-4D
on Sketchfab

UAV Drones can be flown over a site to output highly detailed and accurate 3D models in post production.

RAC Estate: Geo-4D Head Office
by Geo-4D
on Sketchfab

Typical Job

  • Site up to 25ha
  • Includes 1 Pilot, 1 Surveyor, 1 UAV
  • Includes: Ortho Aerial Image, GPS Ground Control Points, 3D Model, DTM & DSM Height Data, Point Cloud
  • 2 weeks from Quote to Delivery

Indicative Pricing.

UAV Drone Surveys & Inspections from Joanna James offer fantastic value & reflect a highly professional & accurate service delivered by GeoSpatial experts.

All jobs are risk assessed, insured & only utilise fully CAA qualified pilots with relevant airspace clearances & permissions.

Prices shown are indicative only. We take time to carefully understand your needs & desired outcomes.

UAV Drone Accuracy Matters.

As Geomatics experts Joanna James & our partners Geo-4D know how to get the best accuracy out of UAV Drones. GPS Ground Control Points using RTK kit can be gathered on site to ensure precision.

It really is horses-for-courses; not every job demands such accuracy.

We take time to discuss your needs & expected outputs to deliver exactly what you want, first time.

UAV Drone Ground Control Points using RTK

Orthomosaic Aerial Imagery from UAV Drone Survey.

This image is 100s Aerial Photos “stitched” together providing an incredible contemporary view of  an Aldi Superstore.

Joanna James UAV Drone Surveys capture 100s of photos at regular intervals & at similar altitudes. Using the latest software & our Geomatics expertise we output quality orthomosaic aerial images.

Conducting regular UAV scans can build a picture of change over time.

Height Data DSM from UAV Drone Survey.

Get deeper insights to your site. This golf course UAV Drone survey shows clearly how much more information can be obtained.

Original UAV Drone Survey.

This typical Aerial Photo of a golf course green gives a typical indication of what the site looks like from above. But there is so much more that can be obtain from UAV Drone surveys & inspections.

Golf course UAV Drone Aerial Image
UAV Drone DSM of golf course


Digital Surface Models (DSM) give indicative topographical measurement of any site. The golf course green is clearly visible. Utilising this height data in CAD or GIS gives real world height measurements to help with any project.

UAV Drone 3D model output
UAV Drone Mapping
UAV Drone 3D Model