A Topographical Survey is detailed, accurate plan of a specific site or area of land. It will identify features such as; buildings, site boundaries, trees, utilities covers, site levels and many other attributes. The gathered data is usually presented on a CAD drawing.

We offer a wide range of topographical surveying services and solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Using a combination of the latest up-to-date equipment and traditional surveying methods we are able to provide topographical maps that are cost effective, accurate and with a high level of detail.

All topographical surveys drawings are produced to an exceptional standard; working with our clients to make sure the end result is as usable to them as possible. We often work from supplied templates and we will always adapt to suit to the client’s needs where possible.


A Topographical land survey will include the existing buildings and structures, boundary details, a grid of levels, ground surfaces, tree positions, drainage details and service cover positions.

Additional details can be included such as the features adjacent to the site or underground services.


The cost of a topographical land survey is generally worked out from the length of time spent on site, this can vary from around £500-1500+vat a day depending on the detail required.

Other factors that can affect cost are the complexity of the site, the experience of the Surveyor required and the addition of specialist equipment. A deep river survey would be a good example of this. Distance required to travel to site is not necessarily important as we have UK wide distribution of surveyors.


Using dedicated terrain mapping software combined with AutoCad, BricsCad and others, we are able to provide information in a variety of formats. These include DWG, DXF, XYZ, etc.

Drawings can also incorporate Ordnance Survey digital data which we can provide. We are also able to provide paper copies and negatives should the need arise.


Land surveys can be commissioned throughout the UK for a wide variety of architects, developers, contractors and engineers.

Our portfolio of work includes private gardens, terrain surveys, country estates, industrial sites, city centre developments, schools, hospitals, highways, canals and rivers, university campuses, retail parks and airports. The variety of work that we undertake continues to broaden.


For survey quotes, please contact with an outline of your requirements on 01242 300108 or