It’s now possible to get a 1x1km – 3D Model in 30 secs for £450!

3D Massing Model for £450

That’s not possible, is it?

“Start the clock”

Go to Email > Download Attachement > Double Click File > Wait for Sketchup to Open….

“Stop the Clock!”

28.75 seconds. Yep, it is possible to get a ready made 3D Model for £450 in under 30 secs… I timed it on my iPhone this morning.

It really is that quick & simple. For sure, you send us a request & we say max one day turnaround, but what that means is once youve sent the request in, it frees you & your team up


Worked example.

Take the 1km2 urban example at £450 plus vat.

Our 3D Massing Models use & include OS MasterMap as a base. Alone this costs £261.99 plus vat.

Therefore, split the difference, for just an extra £188.01 you can get a 1x1km simple urban 3D Massing Model that is cost effective & time saving.


I can do that myself!

I know you can, but these 3D Massing Models are developed to save time and money, freeing you up to do what you do best.

Pride in one’s own work, I genuinely understand, plus I know that most of our clients are more than capable of putting together a simple 3D massing model.

But, as a business owner I understand ROI & time spent is money spent. Often unnecessarily.

I can & often do clean my own car. But for the most part I value my family time at a weekend far more. Therefore, I pay for a local firm to wash my car. Often they do it quicker, with similar if not better results.


So, it is possible?

100% Yes, but…

It’s horses for courses, as I’m finding here in Sunny Gold Cup Cheltenham, our hometown, as we bake in glorious weather & I continue to pick wrong uns!

Seriously, 3D models come in many many forms with varying degrees of accuracy & application. The intention with the Joanna James 3D Massing Model is to help Architects, Planners, Designers & Developers get off to a flying start at pre-tender stage or adding context for visualisation purposes.

That means spending the least amount of cash for the maximum return in my mind.

So, yes £450 plus vat will get you a simple urban 3D Massing Model… in 30 secs.



Cheers & best of luck for the racing

Rob Stringer

Owner, Joanna James

Any questions do get in touch…