Height LiDAR Data from Joanna James

Height LiDAR Data from Joanna James

Topography of a site is hugely important to projects, an inexpensive way to obtain base data is to use Height Data LiDAR from Joanna James. Prices from £10.

We have a huge selection of data from all the leading suppliers including Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey, Airbus Astrium etc.

A Worked Example.

100x100m Central London.

Height data comes in many forms of accuracy & prices. This site location in London perfectly reflects the various options available. We recommend higher accuracy for smaller projects.

Ordnance Survey Terrain 5.
  • Simple & inexpensive.
  • 5m res = Point given every 5m.
  • Vertical accuracy +/- 1.5m
  • £10 +vat
  • Higher accuracy.
  • 0.5m res = Point given every 50cm.
  • Vertical accuracy +/- 0.15m
  • £37.50 +vat
Height & LiDAR Data from Joanna James
COST: £10-£75+vat.
  • 200x200m size.
  • More expensive = Most accurate &/or up to date.


  • GIS or CAD or Sketchup file friendly.
  • DXF points, SKP, 3D Face, Contours, ASCii grid etc.

Quotes – Height LiDAR Data from Joanna James

For a quote, simply send us a site plan. It’s that easy!

We can tell you, what data sets are available, accuracy, & date of capture + price.