BGS GeoSure

British Geological Survey provide information about potential ground movement or subsidence in a helpful, consistent rating system.

British Geological Survey GeoSure from Joanna James Map Portal.

Features & benefits.

Understanding geology is vital when determining the stability (and thus value) of land, property & the safety of its occupiers.

This BGS geological data can help inform planning decisions & indicate causes of subsidence.

BGS GeoSure from Joanna James Map Portal.
Geological Mapping & Data for Business Professionals from the Joanna James Map Portal

Perfect for

  • Insurance ratings

  • Planning & development

  • Risk analysis

Product info

Layered PDF for easy viewing combining vector (line and point) based geological information & image based background mapping.

GeoSure national data sets give you valuable information about:

  • Soluble rocks
  • Shrink swell
  • Landslides
  • Compressible ground
  • Running sand
  • Collapsible rocks

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