Joanna James – Proposal.

The deliverable – A short digital fly-through video of a site to demonstrate proposed developments.  To achieve this there are several stages we need to execute. This includes creating the existing environment, rendering & subsequently output video footage.

3D London – Pedestrian View Flythrough

Video of the Shard, London Bridge.

This is a flythrough of a rendered 3D Model demonstrating a mix of Level 3 & Level 4 buildings.

The Starting Point

To create the video above we need to having a starting point.

First we model the existing existing built environment to what we call “Level 3”.

This is highly accurate to 15cm and of exceptional detail level.

From this point we can then “skin” or “render” the buildings to become lifelike – Level 4.

Use this viewer to find out more.

Level 4 – Fully Rendered 3D Models.

Beautifully rendered to bring the built environment to life. Pick and choose which buildings are required to be taken to Level 4.

Use this viewer to see the process and understand the key difference between Level 3 & 4.

London in 2025 – Yes, Really!

3D Model of London with Future Skyline Layer. See into the future to visualise and design proposals.

Note the Level 4 Gherkin building set against the Level 3 buildings which surround. Future developments are set against this to understand future impact.

Future proposals can be rendered to Level 4 and added to existing model.