See the future set against the existing.

2D architectural proposal drawings transformed into a 3D render & seamlessly superimposed onto a photograph of the current environment.

Photomontage from Joanna James


Listening & understanding the needs of your project is crucial. That’s why we try to make things clear & simple.



Proposed development plans set against the backdrop of a real photograph.

Developers in the commercial, residential & leisure sectors use Joanna James Photomontages to support planning applications & illustrate design ideas.

Typically from £500+vat per image


Set your proposal against the backdrop of a real photograph.

Provide us with the photo of your choice and proposed architectural plans.

This great example of a typical Photomontage commission from Joanna James where the proposal has been embedded into a photograph.

The client provided 2D architectural plans of proposal in both PDF & DWG for AutoCAD as well as a photo they captured of the site using a smartphone.

We can align the camera with the GPS reference points and can change the lens, aspect ratio & target point of the camera

Turnaround typically 5-7 working days.

Deliverable: Hi-Res JPEG.

From £500+vat per image.

Photomontage from Joanna James


Being able to see into the future is a real hit with planners, clients & stakeholders. Photomontage from Joanna James sets your designs against a photograph of the existing backdrop.

Turnaround typically 5 working days.

Deliverable: Hi-Res JPEG

From £550+vat per image.

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Commissioning Joanna James to produce Photomontage visuals is an excellent way to make your company stand out. Photomontage visuals are ideal for planning applications, concept presentations, sales and marketing.

For a quotation, or to discuss ways of animating & modelling your design concept, please contact with an outline of your requirements on 01242 300108 or