Groundsure Full Insight Pack

A combination of 3 separate GroundSure Insight packs. EnviroInsight + GeoInsight + MapInsight.

Ordnance survey MasterMap from Joanna James Map Portal.

Features & benefits.

These bring together the critical datasets for geotechnics, site investigation and engineering consultancy to create a great value product that saves time and money.

Full Insight comprises:

  • MapInsight – historical maps pack 1:2,500 and 1:10,000

  • EnviroInsight – environmental data report

  • GeoInsight – geology and ground stability report

Standard site price (0 – 10 ha) £179 + VAT for the complete set

Compared to £235 + VAT if you buy the three items individually.

Grounsure fullinsight pack from joanna james map portal
Grounsure fullinsight pack Business Professionals from the Joanna James Map Portal

Perfect for

  • Saving time

  • Saving money

  • 3 datasets in 1

  • Site investigations

  • Construction engineers

Product info

Report style, supplied as a PDF.

This pack comprises the GroundSure EnviroInsight, GeoInsight & MapInsight products.

Benefit from lower price when purchasing these products as a bundle.

Coming soon.

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