Groundsure EnviroInsight

Datasets including environmental permits, contaminative processes & registers, waste, hydrogeology & geology.

Groundsure EnviroInsight

Features & benefits.

This definitive information saves you spending time & effort collating and comparing findings from different sources.

It provides concise data in an easy to use report format, enabling quick identification of potential risks and helping to give an instant site overview. The report also contains unique, high quality data sets such as High Pressure Oil & Gas Pipeline, World Heritage Sites, Geological and Sensitive Sites.

Standard site price (0 – 10 ha): £85 + VAT

Groundsure EnviroInsight for Business Professionals from the Joanna James Map Portal

Perfect for

  • Professional reliability

  • Property transactions

  • Immediate site impression

  • Rapid turnaround (4hrs)

Product info

Supplied as PDF

In addition to standard data sets, EnviroInsight includes:

  • 1:10,000 Ordnance Survey Street View

  • Current aerial photography

  • Overview of data findings

  • Environment Agency and British Geological Survey (BGS) groundwater flooding

  • Geology summary based on BGS 1:50,000 geological mapping

  • Summary of natural hazards based on BGS GeoSure data

  • Environmental setting maps including Source Protection Zone (SPZ) maps and designated environmentally sensitive sites

The search radius is dependent on the data set, with the majority starting at 500m. Landfill, other waste sites, IPC and IPPC are searched to 1500m, and natural hazards are reported to 50m.

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